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Pandemic Information

COVID-19 can create extra stress and anxiety. You may be worried if you smoke or vape, you are more likely to get COVID-19 or, if you get it, you could have a more serious case.

Let's look at the facts around COVID-19 and smoking or vaping: People who smoke may have more severe illness compared to people who quit or never smoked.


People who have underlying medical conditions such as heart and lung diseases or diabetes or have weakened immune systems are at the highest risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Smoking causes heart and lung disease, as well as diabetes.


Vaping and smoking can lower the body's immune system response and damage the lungs leaving you more likely to get bacterial and viral infections.


Taking a hit on someone's vape or cigarette can expose you to the coronavirus if they are infected, even if they are not showing any symptoms like fever, coughing, or shortness of breath.


People who vape or smoke have to remove their mask and bring their hand to their mouth many times every day and may touch their face without noticing. Touching your face with your hands is one of the ways people become exposed to the coronavirus.


Quitting is hard, especially during times of stress. If you're concerned about smoking or vaping and want to make a change, we can help.


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